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Moms surgery on her knee went well.. Just got to get her into dr for that hernia... She goes and goes and never takes time for herself, but you know that.... you take after her. haha... As you know by now... your little girl is getting married!!!! Never have met Zach, but he really seems like a awesome man in Tiffs eyes.... and as long as he treats her good and she is happy, that is all that matters!!!!! Gonna

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Posted by: Kerri - Sister   Aug 14, 2015

Hey there! Just wanted to pop on and say hi. Been a long couple months, thats for sure... Please pray for moms knee to heal and for her to get around alot better than what she did!!! She so deserves it!!!! Sure wish you were here to talk too... could really use your input on my situation, but it is what it is... I will figure it all out and go with my gut feeling... Everytime I have Avantis, I

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Posted by: Kerri - Sister   Jun 05, 2015

Hey bro! I had all intentions to get on here on Saturday and wish you a Happy Birthday and time got away!!! So Sorry! Better late than never??? Hope you had a AWESOME day up there and you and Don Don didnt cause to much trouble!! I love you both and miss you both everyday! keep looking down on us :) Love you bro!!!! ~hugs~

Posted by: Kerri - IL - Sister   Mar 17, 2015

Hey bro... Since DonDon site is not available, could you please tell him Aunt Kerri said HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you guys are having a wonderful time up there and hope he had a awesome birthday!!! Miss you both so much!! Love you both! ~hugs~

Posted by: Kerri - Sister   Jan 20, 2015

MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and DonDon.... Hope you two are having a wonderful day. Had a awesome Christmas at Mom and Dads and the whole family! Mom is an amazing woman, but you already know that! She just gives and gives.... Nothing really knew here ... just work work work. So wish you and DonDon were still here with us.... miss you two bunches!!!! Gonna get off here... been a long day and hae to work tomorrow!! So much Love too you two! ~~~ HUGS ~~~

Posted by: Kerri - Sister   Dec 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving Bro!!!! Ok, now you can yell at me for not being on here for so long..... Im so sorry, been so busy and dealing with the situation with Mom and Dad... which I know you know. Please try to help them... Was my first Thanksgiving not at Moms.... but whet to Mikes family side for the first time and had a great time... We have a awesome mom, but you know that! Gona get to bed, but just wanted to say I loved ya~~~

Posted by: Kerri - Sister   Nov 28, 2014

Just me bro... I miss you!!!! Could really use your input now with mom and dad.... Will do the best I can.... Tried posting on DonDons page and couldnt find it.... I did email Flanner... never heard nothing back... o well, he knows I tried.. You both are in my thoughts every day.... Love you bro! ~hugs~

Posted by: Kerri - Sister   Oct 19, 2014

Just me bro! Sorry havent been on here... ALOT going on with Mom and Dad, which you know already....I so hope things work out for the best.... Just been busy with work and trying to be there for mom.... Funny how things can be fine one day and so wrong the next. I know you watching out for her... she gives and gives and always seems to the short stick... I will try to get on here more... I miss you everyday and love you so much! ~hugs bro~

Posted by: Kerri - IL - Sister   Aug 28, 2014

Just me Donny... Wanted to pop in and say hi... Would fill ya in on everything, but you see it all.... I always say Karma will come back, and it will... Hope you and DonDon are living it up there! I sure do miss you both so much! I used to call Tiff like I did DonDon, but last time I tried, it was disconnected.... Miss talkin to her... She has no clue how much her Aunt Kerri loves her....Wish

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Posted by: Kerri - Creve Coeur, IL - Sister   May 24, 2014

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROTHER!!!! Hope your having a AWESOME Birthday up there! Please stay outta trouble and keep Don Don outta trouble! LOL You both are my thoughts everyday!!!! Lil Crystal said to tell you Happy Birthday! She is such a sweethear! You would love her! Gonna let ya get back to your Birthday! Love you so much bro! Oh.. PS... you know I have played your numbers since the day you passed away, and ummm, since the drawing is tonight,....

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Posted by: Kerri - Creve Coeur, IL - Sister   Mar 15, 2014