Mr. Macon Peyton Booker

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I Love you Dad!

Posted by: Shirleyann - Thousand Oaks, CA - Daughter   Jan 16, 2015

Hi Daddy,
Thank you for taking me to the Ebony Fashion Show. Remember when on the way the car skidded and spun on ice. It was a scary moment for both us, but you took control. I love you Daddy and miss you always.

Posted by: Patti - Thousand Oaks, CA - Daughter   Jan 16, 2015

Hi dad,

I remember the first time you came to Thousand Oaks the family drove you to Santa Barbara; it was during the holidays. There was a band playing at one of the restaurants, and we sat outside and ate and enjoyed the music and had a really nice time.

Posted by: Shirley Booker - Thousand Oaks, CA - daughter   Jan 17, 2014

I will love you for a lifetime and beyond

Posted by: Patrissha - Thousand Oaks, CA - Youngest child and daughter   Jan 15, 2014

I will always love you Dad, and I really miss you.

Posted by: Shirleyann - Thousand Oaks, CA - Daughter   Jan 25, 2013

Hi Daddy,

I am late, because I was sick. I never forget you and you are always in my thoughts.

I share this memory again.

Remember the George Benson concert you took me to in Springfield, MO? You fell asleep, I remember that and laugh every time I hear a George Benson song. Thank you for the memory. I love you daddy.

Love, Patti

Posted by: Patti - Thousand Oaks, CA - youngest daughter   Jan 21, 2013


Daddy you are gone but not forgotten and you are always in my memories.


Posted by: Patti - daughter   Jan 19, 2012

The thing I remember most is going to the commissary with my grandfather when I was younger, I had never been on a military base before, so going there was new and exciting for me. I will hold the memories I have of you forever and will always miss you.

Your Grandson,

Posted by: Chaise Rasheed - Grandson   Jan 17, 2010

I miss you Dad, calling you every month to see how you are doing, your visits, and during the past and recent holidays. I love you and think about you all the time.

Your Daughter

Posted by: Shirleyann Booker - Thousand Oaks, CA - Daughter   Jan 16, 2010

One of the best memories of my father is when I was a teenager and stayed with him for five or six months. He took me to a George Benson concert and went to sleep. I knew my father possessed the gift of falling asleep anywhere, even while driving. However, I was surprised he was able to fall asleep at a loud music concert, but it was okay because the fact he loved me enough to take me to see a person in concert he knew nothing about was an awesome and memorable moment.

I love you Daddy,

Patti Boo

Posted by: Patti Booker - thousand oaks, CA - youngest child and daughter   Jan 16, 2010