Diane R Anderson
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another holiday and birthday has come and gone. your always in my thoughts.Gary

Posted by: gary - stuart, FL - friend   Jan 05, 2015

rest in peace.untill we meet again. Gary

Posted by: gary heynes - stuart, FL - friend   Dec 29, 2014

Dee dee I miss you so dearly and I miss how things used to be this is unreal that you've been gone for 3 years and I still cry in bed at night . I think about when we were laying in your bed and you told me "I'll always be with you even if I don't make it I'll always be with you and by your side, but don't worry about it right now I'll sing you a song goodnight . "

Posted by: Hannah linn - Lorain, OH - Niece   Jan 17, 2014

i will love you always. rest in peace gary

Posted by: gary heynes - stuart , FL - friend   Jan 04, 2014

Diane you are always in my thoughts and heart.I miss you,you were my best friend,my sister.I miss you coming over to hang out with me everyday.We enjoyed the good and bad days together.Now when something good or bad happens I want so badly to call you up and tell you to come over so we can talk about it,but my best friend is gone and I feel so alone without you.No one can ever replace you.I am just happy that

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Posted by: Susie - Lorain, OH - Sister   Jan 23, 2013

I have no words to describe how much I miss you. I remember a year ago today how I was looking out the window and it began to gently snow. I knew then the angels were coming to take you home.Oh how I wished it wasn't true.I knew then there wasn't nothing I could do. I know one day we will be together and never part.I know you are a 👼 now and will be always be by my side.Until we meet again you will always remain deep inside. Miss & Love You Forever!

Posted by: Lisa - Lorain, OH - Sister   Dec 29, 2012

Precious Sister

I Wish I Could See You One More Time
Come Walking Through My Door
But,I Know That Is Impossible
I Will Hear Your Voice No More
I Know You Can Feel My Tears
And You Don't Want Me To Cry
Yet,My Heart Is Broken
Because I Can't Understand Why
Someone So Precious Had To Die
I Pray That God Will Give Me Strength
And Somehow Get Me Through
As I Struggle With The Heartache
That Was Caused By Losing You

Posted by: Lisa - Lorain, OH - Sister   Dec 26, 2012

In heaven there is: Life happieniess comfort relationships mercy love kindness joy and peace. There's no more: loneliness grief fear pain danger hate stress or death. In heaven ,there are mansions . Each one is prepared for one person. Inside are treasures that have been given to you beacuse of the things you've done. In heaven you will get a new body . You have to suffer with this weak and old body anymore . No longer is there sickness

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Posted by: hannah - lorain, OH - neice   Dec 02, 2012

I know you have no more pain now because God wipes every tear from your eyes , and there will be no more death or sorrow or crying or pain.

Posted by: hannie - lorain, OH - neice   Dec 02, 2012

Dee Dee , I miss you and so does our family . We stick together through hard times but its nothing new , our family is strong . We cry with each other over you and our memories of you in a frame. Thats nothing new either . We have secrets for you that no one else can hear . Your our keeper of our secrets and don't let them go . Your our glue for the family and the wonderful lady in our hearts . :)

Posted by: Hannah (hannie) - lorain, OH - neice   Nov 21, 2012