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John W. James

Founder of The Grief Recovery Institute®
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Russell Friedman, Executive Director of The Grief Recovery Institute

Russell Friedman

Executive Director
Co-Author of The Grief Recovery
Handbook & When Children Grieve

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Post-Holiday, Grief-Related Blues!

Many people are rightfully concerned about the powerful impact of the end-of-year Holidays that can have on their friends who've recently experienced the death of someone important to them.

But we also need to be mindful of the other Holidays—the ones that fall at different times of the year—which can hit grievers with a powerful emotional wallop. Keep in mind that the biggest single issue about the holidays is the reminder they make of the sense of "family," that has often been shattered by the death of someone within the family.

With that in mind, we are publishing this "post-holiday" article the day after Labor Day. We'll leave it up for a couple of weeks so anyone interested can learn more about how they are reacting to this time of year, or how they can be more helpful to friends and family who are struggling with the rminder of who is no longer here.

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Ask John & Russell – Asking sad questions over and over without taking recovery actions, can be an endless, painful loop. (Published 9/2/2014)


My father died in 2009. It seems like my life is consumed by his death still. Everyday I cry for him, talk to him. and sometimes even act like he didn't die. I know that he's never coming back, but i don' want to believe it. He died of lung cancer. and everyday I wonder why. Why him? I get mad at him for dying. I know it's not his fault, but I need someone to blame. And God is out of the picture. Is it normal to still be feeling this horrible?

Russell Friedman Replies:

Dear Anon,

Thanks for your note and questions.

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If you or someone important to you wants help with grief: Look for a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist℠ in your community. The Grief Recovery Institute ® trains and mentors Certified Grief Recovery Specialists℠ throughout the United States & Canada.

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