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Russell Friedman, Executive Director of The Grief Recovery Institute

Russell Friedman

Executive Director
Co-Author of The Grief Recovery
Handbook & When Children Grieve

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If you stay focused on this one thing—no matter how big it is to you—you rob yourself of the richness and complexity of the whole relationship over three decades. (Published 11/6/2012)


I lost my partner of 31 years six months ago. She died from cervical cancer caused from HPV.

She was unfaithful to me nineteen years ago. She had an affair with a co-worker. She told me that she never slept with him, but I know for a fact she did. She did it when she went out with her best friend.

Well the guy she was with wrote a poem on her obituary. Since he did that my life has fallen apart. I contacted him to try and get the truth, but he lies to me. Her best friend knows also but she says she can’t remember, and that is a lie also. I have always been the type of guy that needs to know the truth. I stuffed all this down deep inside myself 19 years ago. When he posted on her obituary it brought up all these bad memories and bad feeling.

I feel like I can't cope with all of this. My partner would have told me the truth if I would have asked her, but she was too sick to ask. I feel like I need them to tell me the truth as I don't want my partner to have gone to her grave with this secret, even though I know it to be fact. Any help you may give me might help

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