Life Stories

I visited with Bernetta many times when I came into the North Dallas Bank. She was always professional, yet friendly. She and I both love to talk and one day we discovered that one of the first people she worked with at another bank was my son-in-law's grandfather. The same grandfather who was his father substitute who taught him beautiful manners and to be considerate of others. She said that he asked a special favor of her--- to call him by his first name. She told him that her parents always said to address older people as Mr., but that if he insisted she would call him by his first name. They were two colleagues who really like each other reaching across generations and skin color. She always wanted to meet his great grandchildren and to my everlasting sorrow I never got around to bringing them in to meet her. Always do a thing now for we never know when we will be too late to do it. You were a wonderful woman, friend Bernetta, and you are now where you should be. With love and condolences to her family, Gwen