Condolence & Memory Journal

when I was born at 6 weeks on April 15 1967 he told my parents to call in the family, he said he is a fighter and if he makes it he will be ok. well im 46 years old. I remember the last time I saw him it was at a symphony concert in the early part of 2003 I saw him walked up gave him a hug after all those years he remembered me. The respect I have for him is very hard to put in words, but all I can say is thank you for not giving up on me for my first 14 years and the first 6 weeks I stayed in the hospital.

Posted by eric edward evans - berryville, AR - past patient   August 26, 2013

You gave me my first glimpse in the private practice of pediatrics and Thank you for the opportunity and wisdom that I received. Thanks FLEA I guess you are there with DADDY

Posted by Lisa Cosgrove - Cocoa Beach, FL - Colleague   March 19, 2013

dr. baldwin was both of my girls doctor and he was totally amazing. i always said we needed more doctors like him. this past Christmas we ran into him and his wife at the arlington hotel and like always he was like always in the greatest spirit. he will always be missed. just know my thoughts and prayers go out to each family member. cassandra hackett

Posted by cassandra hackett - little rock, AR - friend   March 18, 2013

It was so very hard reading my favorite doc has passed away. I had asked him just last year if he was retiring-he just laughed at me as usual. I'm 52; he carried me thru my childhood as well as my brothers and my nieces and then my own children. Without him, we would havebeen lost. I will miss our rare lunches at Black Angus, a fave of his, where he offered free advice with his good natured jolly self! He was always there-no matter what. He loved his family and he loved his patients and theif families. There will be no one like him, ever. Rest, my friend. I will miss you always. My Mom and Dad welcomed you with hugs and hand shakes!

Posted by Suzanne Mourning Carr - Little Rock, AR - Patient, Friend   March 09, 2013

It was so very hard reading my favorite dic has passed away. I had asked him just last year if he was retiring-he just laughed at me as usual. I'm 52; he carried me thru my childhood as well as my brothers and my nieces and then my own children. Without him, we would havebeen lost. I will miss our rare lunches at Black Angus, a fave of his, where he offered free advice with his good natured jolly self! He was always there-no matter what. He loved his family and he loved his patients and theif families. There will be no one like him, ever. Rest, my friend. I will miss you always. My Mom and Dad welcomed you with hugs and hand shakes!

Posted by Suzanne Mourning Carr    March 09, 2013

Judy and all of the family. Deane (Flea) was a favorite of all the class. I was hoping to see him at our 55th reunion. I am glad a caring nurse took him into her arms.
He came in late to the class in 1954 but finishied on top. He was terrific as a partner when we did obstetrics with Wanda John and Mickey Church I think GL Holister was in our group, also Mickey and John and I are still around. From all of the letter I know he was a fantastic pediatrician. and always funny Probably entertained the children. Jeanne Bonar, MD

Posted by Jeanne R Bonar, MD - Anchorage, AK - Medical School classmate   March 08, 2013

Dr. Baldwin was a god sent in my life. I met him when I had a four year old little boy, and eight months pregnant with my other son. I had concerns that I could not get a answer to with my four year old for at least two years. Dr.Baldwin gave me the answer to the issue, and we began a long journey to get my first born to be the spectacular child he is now at 16. My youngest son on his first visit for his seven day check up after only being out NICU thirty-six hours came in with his heart beating over 300 beats a minute. Dr. Baldwin had nurses rush him with us to Childrens Hospital with a team waiting. My newborn had SVT and I had just found out my for year old had Asperger Syndrome. I had the weight of the world on my soldiers, and Dr. Baldwin was my angel on earth. He knows this I told him. Dr. Baldwin coming into my life is the most precious gift that the lord could have gave to me. I will miss him dearly, and he will always hold a special place in my heart. He set the standards so high for a highly intelligent, kind, and thoughtful person as well as a Pediatrician. He is untouchable in this regard. I will miss him dearly. I also have to say my younger son has now had surgery that was a success and he now has a healthy heart as of this past May 30th. I'm so grateful to Dr. Baldwin for my two great healthy sons thanks to him.

Posted by Stacey Grice - Cabot, AR   March 07, 2013


I just found out today about Dr. Baldwins passing, it makes me so very sad. I grew up going to Dr. Baldwin, he was always so amazing and caring. I always loved how he would give me a piece of double bubble gum after my visit when I was little. My deepest condolences to his family, he was an amazing man and Dr., he used to remind me of Santa cause he was so jolly. Rest in peace Dr. Baldwin you are loved and missed. I know you are up there smiling down on us.

Posted by Tiffany Graves - Little Rock, AR - Patient   March 06, 2013


George, in particular, has many fond memories from medical school days with Jerry and Larry.
I knew him as a pediatrician as my sister took my niece and nephew to see Jerry. We are saddened by his passing and will miss his smile and his humor. He was a dear friend. May you find peace and healing in this difficult time.

Posted by George and Peggy Brenner - Hot Springs, AR - Medical School Classmate   March 05, 2013


I am so sorry to hear Dr. Baldwin has passed on...he was a fine colleague and caring person with a heart for kids with special needs, and helped me enormously in my first years here in Arkansas when just getting started in the pediatric rehab business here.

Posted by Vikki Stefans - Little Rock, AR - Colleague   March 04, 2013

Judy, we recently learned of Jerry's going home. Thinking of you during this time of sorrow.

I have known Dr. Baldwin in different capacities for over 35 years. He was an intelligent individual and I valued his advice in many areas - mostly professional.

We enjoyed having you all as bridge partners and as neighbors. Even enjoyed towing you all home one night.

He will be missed.

Thinking of you and your family.

Linda & Jerry Geddes

Posted by Linda & Jerry Geddes - Maumelle, AR - friend & neighbor   March 04, 2013


I remember my Mom taking me to see Dr. Baldwin as a child when his office was across the street from Catholic High. While we were waiting I would always play type on those antique Royal typewriters he had. All the while not knowing I would grow up and be a secretary. But I remember Dr. Baldwin was the sweetest, kindest, gentlest doctor I have ever known. Not to many times can a person say that they had a doctor that they actually loved. But I can say from the bottom of my heart I loved Dr. Baldwin. He was the best. I actually went to him until I was 21. He said, "Judy, you must get another doctor now. I cannot keep on seeing you. You are an adult now." I told him, "But I don't want to." So, I had no choice but to seek out another doctor. Although, I have never found a doctor who is really an Angel like Dr. Baldwin was. Well, after that I didn't see him anymore for years. And, about 20 years ago I saw him @ the grocery store on Cantrell @ Riverdale. He was just like he was 20 years earlier. And, I have not seen him since then until about a month ago when I was with a friend & ran into him @ Dr. Baltz's office. I didn't know that he had cancer. But we spoke for a minute & it was just like old times. He said he was okay but when I left I shed a tear because I knew what he was going through. I lost my Mom back in 2001 to cancer. But I kept hope in my heart that he would make it. Then to my surprise I saw his obit in the paper the other day. It's almost ironic that I saw him about a month ago then now he's gone. After I read his obit I actually sat down & cried for awhile. I am so sorry that he is gone from us. But he is in a much better place now where doesn't have to suffer anymore. I know he is in Heaven taking care of all the little children there. So, to the Baldwin family & friends I am so, so, so very sorry for your loss. There are no words to express the deep sympathy I have for you all at this time. Love, Judy Zorn

Posted by Judy Carol Zorn - North Little Rock, AR - Patient   March 03, 2013

My son & daughter used him as they was growing up. He was a very good doctor. My kids loved him. My niece & nephew started using him & they really liked him. May he R. I. P. He will be greatly missed.

Posted by Krystal Lee - Little Rock, AR - My kids pediatrician   March 03, 2013

Dr. Baldwin was a wonderful pediatrician! He was a comfort to both his patients and their parents. I will always remember him reassuring me, as a new, nervous, first-time mother, I was doing a good job. Dr. Baldwin knew just what to say and how to help. He will be greatly missed. We were blessed to have known him.

Posted by Melody Adams - Sherwood, AR - Mother of 2 of his patients   March 02, 2013

I spent a lot of time at Dr. Baldwin's office growing up, but even when sick I was never fearful of being there. He was such a great pediatrician and an even better people person.

Posted by Mike Stephens - Maumelle, AR - Former Patient   March 02, 2013


I send my sympathy to Mrs. Baldwin and all the girls. I have such fond memories of Dr. Baldwin and your family. I know you will miss him dearly. He was the best Doctor I ever saw and always a joy to encounter anywhere...such a nice man. I pray for your comfort during this difficult time.

Posted by Vicki Minor Hil - Bismarck, AR - Patient   March 02, 2013

God bless the family during this difficult time. Deane will be missed greatly! He was such a warm, outgoing, funny man who we all adored. Jimmy and Anne

Posted by Dr. and Mrs. Jimmy Hagler - Little Rock, AR - Colleague and friend   March 02, 2013

Deane was a long time friend from high school days. He was our daughter's pediatrician until she was 18 years old and she thought Dr. Deane hung the moon. He was also both hr children's doctor. He will be greatly missed,

Posted by Fred and Barbara Clark - Little Rock, AR   March 02, 2013

Dean was a colleague and friend who always had a smile. He was kind enough to allow me to share in the care of some of his patients. His patients loved him and we all respected his professional competence. He was an energetic person who always had a smile and an ability to lift one's spirit. He enjoyed life! He was a friend and I will miss his smile and counsel. Warmest regards to Judy and all his family.

Joe Colclasure

Posted by Joe B Colclasure - Little Rock, AR   March 02, 2013

I am 46 years old, but have vivid memories of Dr. Baldwin as my pediatrician. He was truly a great man. God Bless this family.

Posted by Christy Stringer Darrington - Sherwood, AR - Former patient   March 02, 2013

Dr.baldwin loved what he was called to do. And he was great at it. Myself and my family will miss him. Will be praying for the family. My God heal your hearts.

Posted by The McGee family    March 02, 2013


Dr. Baldwin was my pediatrician until I turned 18, and I have never had a physician that I loved more and thought so highly of. He was a wonderful genuine sweet person, and a talented physician. Your passing is a tremendous loss to all the children you cared for past and present. Dr. Baldwin was truly a gift from God with a pure caring heart. Rest in peace, you will be missed by all lucky enough to have known you!!

Posted by Priscilla Jackson Smith - Tompkinsville, KY - Former patient   March 02, 2013

OH how you will be missed. I remember running up to you in the mall asking you to please take one more patient bc noe one could take care of my little one like you could. I loved Dr. Baldwin liked no other. Dr. Baldwin took care of me and my two kids. He was dear friends with my parents and will be missed greatly!! Love you much! Melissa, Clark Van Hook, and Caroline

Posted by Melissa (Clark) Norwood - Little Rock, AR - former patient   March 02, 2013

There were customers I was glad to see for business. There were customers I was simply glad to see. Doc always added special color.

Posted by Ed Hoffman - Alexander, AR - painter/acquaintence   March 02, 2013


How lucky was this world to have a soul like Dr. Deane Baldwin come into it and bless so many with his goodness! The first time that I was lucky enough to meet him at Amy's house, he gave me a warm hug & made me feel like I had known him my whole life. What a special person to have such a gift of interacting with other people! In the many long talks that I have had with Amy, she always spoke of her father with the utmost respect, honor, & love. Dr. Baldwin, I see your wondrous legacy in your daughters that I am so honored to know: Amy, Gretchen & Leslie. I have watched your granddaughers: Leslie, Hannah & Holly grow into fine young women. I know that ALL of your girls will always be watched over by you & that you will forever be by their sides, in Spirit & in Love. Peace & Blessings, Baldwin Family, I Love You All, Lana Bienvenu

Posted by Lana & Jim Bienvenu - Litttle Rock, AR - Friend of Family   March 01, 2013

You are in our thoughts and prayers.What wonderful memories we all have of Dr. Baldwin.
Tommy and Louise Myrick

Posted by Tommy and Louise Myrick - North Little Rock, AR - friend   March 01, 2013

The Baldwin Family: May God Bless and keeep you at this time of loss! Reg Rogers Catholic High Class of 1977

Posted by Reginald Rogers - Little Rock, AR - Catholic High   March 01, 2013

In my 44 years in academia and the medical fields, Deane was without a doubt the most caring and compassionate doctor that I have had the privilege to know as a good friend. My wife and I will greatly miss him. His family and the world has suffered a great loss, may he rest in peace in the arms of the Lord. Dr. Larry and Vickie Henderson

Posted by Larry Henderson    March 01, 2013

Just hear of Jerry's passing. I never remember him not smiling - always a kind word. Many years ago I would see him at the Carmack's at each Christmas - always a special delight. Wish we could be there.
With deepest sympathy and love,
Pat & Elisabeth, Therese, Mary, Christian, Galahad, Rose and Ronan Carmack

Posted by Patrick Carmack and family - Manitou Springs, CO - 1st Cousin and family   March 01, 2013

Dr. Baldwin was a great pediatrician. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and collegues at this time.

Dr. Richard F. Jacobs and the Department of Pediatrics

Posted by Richard F. Jacobs, MD - Little Rock, AR   March 01, 2013

A great doctor and friend! He will be missed.

Posted by JOHN AND ANNETTE KAGY    March 01, 2013

Judy - So sorry to hear of Deane's death. He was a wonderful example of a caring Pediatrician. I hope you and family are doing well. You are in my thoughts. Binnie

Posted by Binnie Owings - Maumelle, AR - Friend   March 01, 2013

He will be sorely missed by all the Sangster family; especially Jack, Justin and Jay.

Posted by John Sangster - Little Rock, AR   March 01, 2013

Dr Baldwin was a gentle spirit. He was both of my children's peditrician (now 31 and 26) and I always knew they were in good hands when they went to see him. Prayers to the family. God bless.

Posted by Ginger Hicks - Maumelle, AR   March 01, 2013

Your family is in my thoughts and prayers at this difficult time. I knew Dr. Baldwin when I worked as a nurse technician in the ICN and later as a nurse on the Pediatric floor at St. Vincent's Hospital. He was truly passionate about serving his patients and their families. We onced played in a staff against doctors basketball game. He was so much fun! We laughed and had a good time.
Becky Lamb, RN

Posted by Becky Lamb - Cabot, AR - Friend   March 01, 2013


My prayers go out to your family. He was such a great doctor and friend to the Maginn family. He saw three generations of Maginns to maturity. He will be missed.

Posted by Missy Maginn-Vancil - Little Rock, AR - patient & friend   March 01, 2013

Dr Balwin with his wonderful smile and caring manner will be missed. I, as a CPA, worked with Dean on a difficult trust matter that once resolved allowed the Francis Allen school to go forward with the construction of the new wing. He was the guiding force that made it happen. He is and will be missed.

Posted by KIRK O. FURR - LITTLE ROCK, AR - PROFESSIONAL   March 01, 2013


I was so sadden to hear of Dr. Baldwin's passing. He not only cared for myself he also cared for both my daughters. He saved my youngest daughters life as an infant and we will forever be so gratful for such a wonderful and caring doctor he was. My girls to this day @ 33 and 24 wish Dr. Baldwin could be their doctor forever. He will be missed and always loved.

Posted by Deborah Lawrence - Benton, AR   March 01, 2013

We were so sorry to hear that Dr. Baldwin had passed. I wanted to say that he was like a beacon in the night for me & my son. All the other Drs wanted to say Josh had ADHD & the meds always made him sick & in my mothers heart I knew there was something else wrong. I will always believe God lead us to this dear sweet man! He was the first one to say he thought Josh had Asperger's & he was right. We love him & think the world of him. My prayers are with his family now & I hope just reading this will make you feel somewhat better. God bless his dear family & know that we will miss him! The Staffords

Posted by Deanna Stafford - Mabelvale, AR - patient   March 01, 2013

Dr. Baldwin has been my families pediatrician not only for my children but for my brother and I. I recall that Dr. Baldwin told my brother and I that we would have to find a new doctor cause we were to old for him to see any more I myself was about 21 or 22 when he told me that and for my brother I'm really not certain how old he was but one thing I am certain of is Dr. Baldwin is very much loved and will be missed greatly and in closing I would like to leave one last comment Dr. Baldwin thank you for everything that you done for me, my kids, and my family we all love you. From The Stewart's

Posted by James Brian Stewart - Little Rock, AR - Friend/Patient   March 01, 2013

Judy, So sorry to hear of your loss. We will always remember Deane for taking such good care of our children. Our prayers are with you and family. John and Carol

Posted by John Selig - Mountain Home, AR - Friend   March 01, 2013

I am so sorry for your loss, Your husband and father touched so many peoples lives I don't think we will ever know just how many. All my children went to Dr Baldwin but he saved my daughters life and I will forever hold him in a special place in my heart. Our city has loss one of the best pediatricians and a great healer. Thank God for him

Posted by Lisa Charette - Little Rock, AR - Parent of patient   March 01, 2013

I am so sad to hear of the passing of Dr. Baldwin. He will be greatly missed and always loved. I went to Mt. St. Mary's Elementary with Gretchen and Lauren. I love you both very much and am sorry for your loss. Your dad was so precious to me and my family. He was the finest Pediatrician I have ever known, the funniest, and the most loving and caring. My heart goes out to his family and girls. What an awesome dad! Your mom is awesome, too, and always spoke to me when I saw her. I love you all! My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Posted by Frances "Cherie Myers" Gresham - Bauxite, AR - Patient and Friend of Lauren   February 28, 2013


Ever since we heard of Jerry's illness, both of you have been in our prayers. Your family will continue to be in our prayers. I always enjoyed the time I was around him and felt we we had a good relationship between us. He really was a special person. I am also aware of all the great things he did for others during his lifetime. I know he is being rewarded by his Lord and Savior. We will definately be there Saturday.

Posted by Jim & Bonnie Fulks - Maumelle, AR   February 28, 2013

Dr. Baldwin will forever be in my heart. It was truly a blessing to meet him and have him as my daughter's doctor. He was one of a kind! He always had a way of making my daughter feel happy about seeing the doctor. Her favorite thing about him was their walk from the exam room to his office to get candy. Dr Baldwin saved my daughter's life. He listened to what I had to say and did whatever he could to help her. He saw something not right with her and had test run which saved her life. To this day she says he is her favorite doctor and he was her friend. No words can express how wonderful he has been to my family. He will truly be missed by so many people. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers.

Posted by Staci Konrad Broach - North Little Rock, AR   February 28, 2013


My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Dr. Baldwin was a wonderful man who helped many families over the years. Although it's been a long time since we all went to St. Mary's together, I still think of you often.

Dee Dee Myers Forsythe

Posted by Dee Dee Myers Forsythe - Rogers, AR - Friend to his daughters   February 28, 2013

Deane was absolutely wonderful and just fun to be around - you just had to love Deane Baldwin. Our deepest sympathy to the entire Bladwin family.

Posted by Scotty & Carol Freebairn - Little Rock, AR - Friend   February 28, 2013

Our thoughts and prayers are with your family. Dr.Baldwin was a wonderful pediatrician and friend. He was my sons pediatrician and also my 3 grandsons. We all loved Dr. Baldwin and still talk about him often. The Simmons Family

Posted by Kathy Simmons - Des Arc, AR   February 28, 2013

When I first met Dr. Baldwin we were schoolmates at Arkansas State Teachers College. As I recall he had a nickname; "Flea." How he got this I don't know but the one thing I do know is, Dean always had a smile for everyone. My sincere condolences to the family and may God bestow his blessings upon you. Rest in Peace, "Flea" ole buddy; it was a pleasure to have known you!

Posted by Guy Ransom - Jonesboro, AR - ASTC Classmate   February 28, 2013

Lots of love & prayers for your family. You will be greatly missed.

Posted by The Oaklawn Club Staff - Hot Springs, AR - friend   February 28, 2013

Doctor Baldwin always made my son and me smile! My son is now 35 years old! Dr. Baldwin never failed to recognize us and even remember our names as our paths crossed many times over the years.
I thank him for all the care he gave us and the friendship he shared. I loved this fine man and will miss him.

Posted by Carol Trickey Smith - Little Rock, AR   February 28, 2013

My thoughts and prayers are with the Baldwin Family. A great man has left his earthly home. Dr. Baldwin will be greatly missed. He has touched so many hearts with his amazing work. He not only cared for me as a child but I was lucky enough to have him in my life when my own children wear born. May God Bless you and give you the strength you need during this time. Angel

Posted by Angel Cuffel - Little Rock, AR - Patient and Friend   February 28, 2013

Doc Baldwin has been in and out of our lives as we have sought help for our special needs son for many years. We always trusted and respected him and his knowledge and encouragement. We shall miss him. Thanks, Doc.

Posted by Kent & Shirley Brewster    February 28, 2013

The picture of Dean in the obit expressed so well the joy that made me feel better before he ever said a word. If ever there was a prototype of the consummate pediatrician, it was my neighbor and friend, Dean. Thousands of us were made well by his talent as a physician as well as the the love he shared with us. Thanks!!
David and Cheri Mckelvey

Posted by David Mckelvey - Little Rock, AR - Neighbor, friend   February 28, 2013


All my love to you and yours. I am very sorry my family and I can't make Uncle Gerry's service in person, but please know you are all always in our thoughts.

Posted by Rachel (Krugh) Strange - Huntsville, AL   February 28, 2013

Ms. Judy, Leslie, Amy, Lauren,and Gretchen,

My heart is saddened because I know your hearts are sad.. I will forever have fond memories of your dad. Like so many others, I thought alot of him. He was a special man in so many ways. May God hold each of you in the palm of his hand and comfort all of you during this time.

Posted by Blake Harrison - Lonoke - Friend from long time ago   February 28, 2013

Judy & Family

My deepest condolences on your loss of wonderful Deane.
He was much loved by his patients & class-mates. We will all miss him very much.
With sincere sympathy,

Posted by Douglas Young, M.D. - Conway, AR - Medical School Classmate   February 28, 2013

I was so sad to hear of Deane's passng. He was a cheerful and great advocate for children, especially the handicapped. Always dapper and amusing and very insightful, I shall miss him and that little white truck filled with pecan shells ! I am grateful for his life and conributions.

Posted by Stephen Bates - Jonesboro, AR - friend and colleague   February 28, 2013

Mrs. Baldwin and girls

I am so saddened to hear of Dr. Baldwin's passing. This world has lost a kind and caring "gentle" gentleman and physician. Dr. Baldwin was my children's pediatrician from birth and we were truly blessed to have him to care and treat them in their time of need. Each time he came into the exam room he always hugged them and made them smile. May God be with you all at this time.

Posted by Norma Calhoun - Benton, AR - friend   February 28, 2013

I sold pharmaceuticals and called on Dr. Baldwin for many years. He might had been small in stature but a giant of a man in heart and professionalism.
My wife and I used his clinics for our children, and my daughter attended high school with one of his daughters.
God bless you Dr. Baldwin, may the peace of the Lord be with you.

Posted by Dale Emmerling - Little Rock, AR - a friend   February 28, 2013

My friend Wanda Torbett of Little Rock called me this morning in Dallas after seeing Dr. Baldwin's obituary in the Little rock paper. We both took our children (4 for the Torbetts and 4 for the Bryans) to Dr. Baldwin for everything major and minor that happened to them. He was a truly fine person and a physician without equal.

Posted by Margie (Mrs. Judson) Bryan - Dallas, TX - Parent of patients   February 28, 2013


I'm sorry to hear of Dr. Baldwin's passing. Both of my sons were patients of his for 10+ years, starting at birth. He was a very kind man & you could tell his calling in life was to heal children. Thoughts & prayers to his wife & family.

Posted by Tammy Sakall - Benton, AR   February 28, 2013

Dr. Baldwin was mine and my sisters Peditrican for many years. I always loved those crazy plaid pants he always wore in the clinc. He was such a sweet, gentle and kind man. He will be missed. But God has a wonderful angel!
Ur family has all my love and prayers at this time.

Posted by Lisa Dunn Etheredge - Cabot, AR - Former Patient   February 28, 2013

I'm sorry to hear of Dr. Baldwin's passing. He was my pediatrician growing up and I have fond memories of him.

Posted by Jennifer Norton Weil - Hoboken, NJ - Former patient   February 28, 2013

I was very sad to hear about the passing of Dr. Baldwin. He was the one person who figured out I had a brain disorder when I was very young when no other doctor could figure out what was wrong with me. He was one of the nicest people I have ever met in my life. He always made fun of me because of how tall I was compared to him. May he rest peacefully, and someday I'll see him again and tell him how great of a job he did.

Posted by Matthew Gray    February 28, 2013

We are heartbroken at the passing of Dr. Baldwin! There were days I couldn't have made it without his help. My youngest son Kole who has severe ADHD I believe would have never become the great kid he is had it not been for Dr. Baldwins help. I use to tell him he couldn't retire until Kole was grown! You were a true angel to us and we will miss you very much!!! We love you!!!

Posted by Kala Swaims    February 28, 2013

You can often tell the greatness of a man by the children he's raised. And he raised some of the finest ladies in the state!
My deepest sympathies.

Much Love,

Posted by Stewart McGehee - Little Rock, AR - family friend   February 28, 2013

What a kind and personable man. He took such good care of our children. My prayers are with your family.

Posted by Fae Rowand Seay - Maumelle, AR - Friend   February 28, 2013


I was heartbroken to hear of Dr. Baldwin's passing. He was my daughter's doctor all of her life (she's 19 now) & I trusted no one else like I trusted him with her health and well being. He truly had a wonderful personality and treated all his patients like they were his own children. He was loved very much by our family. Our prayers are with you at this time. I will miss his great smile!!

Posted by Tabatha Corder - Mabelvale, AR - Patient's mother   February 28, 2013

I will certainly miss Dr. Baldwin. He was my doctor growning up and when I had my son I chose him to take care of him growing up. I loved him like a father.


Posted by Nancy Pearlstein - Little Rock, AR   February 28, 2013

I am heartbroken by the passing of Dr. Baldwin. Praying for God's comfort during this very sad time.

Posted by Lisa - Vilonia, AR   February 28, 2013

I am heartbroken over the loss of Dr. Baldwin. Without him, we would not have received the diagnosis and treatment so needed for our daughter. Thanks to him, she's doing very well both socially and academically. I feel lost right now without his help. He's not replaceable. What a good, caring, and innovative doctor he was!

Posted by Laura Hamilton - Maumelle, AR - Friend   February 28, 2013

I am really sorry to hear about Dr. Baldwin's passing.

I was glad he could be my doctor for several years. He always made me smile. I will miss seeing him come and go in his truck.

I will remember your family in my prayers.


Posted by Mack Cook III - Little Rock, AR - neighbor/patient   February 28, 2013

I will always have the highest regards for your father. He was such a gentle man. He was also so carrying with my son's and all there heart issues. I,'ll always remember him and miss him.

Posted by Pauletta Baldwin Andrews - Little Rock, AR - friend   February 28, 2013

Deane was such a marvelous, faith-filled,whole human being, above all else...but a fine physician, and dear friend. Before being ordained a minister, I was a Social Worker myself in Children's work,and as wife of a Dr. Wm.O. Young, had many and various connections with Deane - every contact only deepened my admiration for his professional skills, his deep compassion for clients and friends alike, and his dedication to those deeply important values that enhanced our whole City of Little Rock, and beyond. What a Gift to this world! Judy,my heart goes out to you, and all the family, but also with joy and gratitude for all remembrances of Deane - he lit up the room when he entered.

with warmest best wishes - ever...

Ann W. Young

Posted by Rev. Ann W. Young - Davidson, NC - Friend and sometime colleague   February 28, 2013

Dr. baldwin was the kindest, most gracious Doctor I have ever known in my life. My dad, Richard Rideout, was in the Arkansas National Guard with him and they also served at Fort Chaffee togethe. When our dauhter Denise was born, my mom and dad recommended Dr. Baldwin for her doctot. Dr. Baldwin was the one who found out that Denise had Juvenile 1 Diabetes and worked with us to get things started with that. I will never forget takng her to see him and he was so caring, gracious and the most wonderful pediatricin ever. My dad thought so highly of him. I was so glad to get to talk to Dr. Baldwin the middle of last year at the Heights Post Office. My daughter was with me that day and we were so happy to see and talk to him and I remeber him asking me about my dad at that time. My dad had a severe stroke on April 27th of last year at the age of 95 and died on april 27th.

My husband and I send you our sincere sympathy to you and your family at this difficult time.

Love and Prayers,
Donna and Milton Faulkner

Posted by Donna and Milton Faulkner - Little Rock, AR - Close friend   February 27, 2013


I want to extend Marcella's and my condolences to you and all of your family. Deane was always a joy to be around...whether we were at the dinner table, the bridge table, or swapping lies over a wee dram of single malt. He savored all things in his life to the fullest...and his enthusiasm and compassion will be sorely missed.

Keeping you all in our prayers,

Marvin and Marcella Dalla Rosa

Posted by Marvin G. Dalla Rosa - Little Rock, AR - Friend   February 27, 2013

I remember biking over to your house in the summer and meeting your father. He was charming and gracious. I am holding you and your family in the Light.

Posted by Malcolm Campbell - Davidson, NC - someone you used to know   February 27, 2013

Both my daughters were patients of Dr. Baldwin. My oldest (Lauren) was 17 years old in 2006, when she went to see him for bronchitis. Dr. Baldwin said, Yes, she has bronchitis, but I am wondering what this small lump is on her jawbone/sinus area? This was not something we could see nor had she complained. He sent us to our dentist, which was not a dental issue and then Dr. Baldwin sent us to an ENT. There at the ENT office they did a CT scan, which revealed a tumor. We were sent to ACH/UAMS where they confirmed it to be a rare type of cancer. When we were asked by specialist of how we noticed it, we told them the story. They all responded, most doctors would have not picked this up and it would have probably gone untreated for a long time. We were very blessed to have Dr. Baldwin as our doctor. I am sad to say after a 5 year battle of cancer, Lauren went to heaven on June 25, 2011. We know we were truly blessed to have him as our doctor. Thanks Dr. Baldwin for your many years of service and care to the children of Arkansas. You will be greatly missed!

Posted by Lisa Crook - Benton, AR - mother   February 27, 2013

Much love and many prayers to you Leslie and your family.

Posted by Gina Jacuzzi - Memphis, TN - Friend   February 27, 2013

My deepest sympathies to the family of this wonderful man. He was my doctor as a baby until I was 18 or 19 yrs and the most caring doctor I ever known. There will never be another like him. So glad mom and I were able to chat with him one day last year when we saw him at the Heights post office. He will be dearly missed.

God's comfort to you all,

Denise Truelove

Posted by Denise Truelove - Sulphur Rock, AR - My childhood doctor.   February 27, 2013

Lauren, your dad was simply "the best". He loved what he did and it showed in the way he took care of his patients. You and your family are in our prayers, Lisa Warden

Posted by Lisa Warden    February 27, 2013

Gretchen and Lauren (and all the Baldwins):

I was sorry to here of your dad's death today. I much enjoyed being your neighbor growing up and your dad's patient, as he was my last pediatrician in practice with Robert Henry at the time.

My family having benefited from The Holy Souls School for Exceptional Children (now The Allen School) I am most grateful to donate in his memory.


Posted by Michael Bailey - Bryant, AR - Former patient, family friend   February 27, 2013

Sending my love and condolences to Dr. Baldwin's family. He was my doctor as a child and probably is the reason that I am NOT that scared of needles! He always was a gentle and kind man. He will be missed, and Heaven surely knows how special of an Angel they have received.

Posted by Astin Benedetto - Vernon, NJ - Former Patient   February 27, 2013

Dr Baldwin was a gem when it came to kids. 23 years ago he started treating my oldest son and I blessed him with 2 more. My youngest Kyle (17 now) loved Dr. Baldwin because he was short like him and when he retired Kyle was none too happy with him. Dr. Baldwin was a real blessing to our family as I know he was too many others. He made a difference in alot of family lives and I am sure he left alot of good memories for his family. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.

Posted by Frances Grimmett Bates - Hot Springs, AR - Mother of 3 of his Patients   February 27, 2013

Dr. Baldwin was loved and will be missed by so many that he served and helped during his lifetime, but I know he will be missed the most by his family. I have fond memories of what a kind and gentle man he was who was constantly surrounded by a house full of women and their friends!! Rest in peace, Dr. Baldwin, you did yourself proud here.

Posted by Iboo Miller - Little Rock, AR   February 27, 2013

Deane was anintern on the Pediatric service when I was a resident. I have known Deane a very long time and have always considered him a very good friend. Deane got the nickname "Flea" during his pediatric training.. He may have been small but he was a geiant of a friend.

Posted by Dr. Frank Stroope - Little Rock, AR   February 27, 2013