Life Stories

Dr. B was my children's pediatrician in the early 70's and he was the kindest person I ever met. He truly had a heart for children.....treating them always with kindness and compassion. My fondest memory is of my granddaughter, Katie Ramsey, at the passing of her father when she was 7 years old (2001). She was having an extremely hard time and was getting her usual sinus problems at that time, so I made an appointment with Dr. B and he was so compassionate and even told the story of how he lost his father at age 6, and Katie really listened intently and after that was able to open up to me and my daughter about her feelings. He had a great concern for her during this time of loss. I will never forget that.

I remember Dr. Baldwin always had a funny joke and great humor upon entering the exam room. He always made my granddaughter feel special and put her at ease. They even tapped dance together on the tile floor, one of my favorite comments of his, "Betcha can't do this", and he would twirl his "ear scope." This was during her elementary school days. Dr. Baldwin even made a court appearnce on Brittany's behalf. This special granddaughter, Brittany M Rush, has gone on to receive a BS in Community Health from LSUS and has been accepted to the LHSHSC for a Doctorate in Physical Therapy beginning May, 2013.
We loved Dr. Baldwin dearly, there will never be another one like him. Our deepest sympathy to the family, Beth Gore

There was no other person like Dr Baldwin. I am the mother of 2 special needs children and was at my wits end with the unknown of it all but Dr Baldwin did the research as no other doctor would to help my children. He would call me whenever there was new information that might help them (even after he retired!!) and he would greet me in his office with a hug and smile when I was in tears at his office which is unheard of nowadays! He genuinely care for each and every person he came in contact with. I thank god for bringing him into my life and have a very heavy heart at his passing but I know that god has called him to take care of his children in heaven and this should give great comfort to all. Love and condolences to the family, he was a great man.

Dr. Baldwin was a great doctor. My children never minded going to the doctor during the 18 Or19 years they went to Dr. Baldwin. both of them wanted him to continue to be their doctor after they were to old to go to him. they still talk about the old typewriters he had for children to type or play on while they waited their turn to see him. My daughter would beg all the way to the office for me to please have him give her a shot. the trust and love my children and family have for him is unexplainable. HE WAS ONE GREAT DOCTOR AND MAN! When I notified my son of his death the first thing he said was I wish I had known and I would have gone. I am sure many more felt the same way. Your family will be in our thoughts and prayers. Danny,Nancy Williams (children Danna and Stan)

I was a senior at Hall High School, and it was the week of final exams. I was extremely ill with a respiratory infection. Dr. Baldwin diagnosed the problem quickly, and expressed his concern, as he always did, for my well being. He insisted I stay home and take the antibiotic he prescribed for me, and to rest rest rest. I went home,and when my mother inquired about the outcome of the visit, I told her that I was fine and could go to school. The next thing I saw was my mother with her hand on her hip saying,"Just fine you say? Dr. Baldwin says otherwise. To bed with you young lady, and hand over the prescription now"! I had to laugh, I was really quite ill, and Dr. Deane had told me he was quite frankly surprised I had driven myself to his office. He certainly didn't hesitate to inform my mother of the true state of my health, and needless to say, I did not return to school until the following week in much better health. I realized the true commitment and concern Dr. Deane had for his patients, and that was 41 years ago, and I have remembered it to this day!! I am so very sorry for your loss, and the great loss to pediatrics. I pray for you to heal and celebrate his wonderful life!!!

My sincerest condolences. I last saw Dr. Baldwin at a restaurant in the summer of 2011. It was a joy to run into him. He was the first doctor I remember, and he remains the gold standard by which I rate my doctors today. He was personable, patient and made you feel he knew you. We never said we had a doctor's appointment; we said, "We're going to see Dr. Baldwin," like it was a social visit to be happily anticipated. He always exuded the same warmth whenever I saw him, long after I'd graduated from his care, even that night in June 2011 when he came to our table. I'm grateful to have that recent memory to go along with so many others.

I was a patient of Dr. Baldwin's from birth until I was 18 years old. He was awesome!!! My mother, Cherie Myers Gresham, adored him. What I remember the most about Dr. Baldwin is that from the time I can remember that I understood what he was saying to me, he always said, "Did you eat any live animals today?" the minute he walked in the room. He always made me laugh and I could tell that he loved me. His bedside manner was awesome!
When I was in the second grade I had a heat stroke at school while outside playing. My mother raced to the school and called Dr. Baldwin. He told her to bring me to him. She did, and he and Dr. Fred Levin saved my life right there in his office. He got on the phone and called the school and let them have it about keeping kids hydrated in the heat, and how ridiculous it was that he had an 8 year old in his office having suffered a heat stroke. I loved him very much. What a shame that my children will not have the privilege of having him by their side. He will be greatly missed.

I have known the Baldwins all of my life and grew up with Gretchen and Lauren at Mt. St. Mary's elementary from 1966-1972. I was also a patient of his and so were my children who are now 23 and 25 years old. He is a genius of Pediatrics in my opinion. I love him very much, as he was a very important part of my life.
I have many stories about Dr. Baldwin, but my favorite would have to be when I had my first child, my son JP, on 08/31/1987. I lucked out and my baby was the only baby in the nursery when Dr. Baldwin came to see him. I had waddled my way down to the nursery and when I looked through the glass, Dr. Baldwin was checking him out. He saw me watching and looked up and grinned real big at me. Then, he picked my son up and started flying him through the air like an airplane! I thought I was going to pass out! He put him back down and came out and hugged me and told me what a great job I did and that he was beautiful. I will always love him so much! He was special.

I was born in November 1963- my first introduction to "Docky" Baldwin. My memories of this beloved man begin when I was close to three years old. I fondly remember his warmth and smile- always making a trip to the doctor a positive experience. When my daughter was born in 1991, she too shared the loving experience of care from our favorite doctor. A difficult part of growing up was being just too old to be seen by a pediatrician. His sparkling personality and infectious smile will always remain in our memories- not to mention his exceptional bedside manner.

My deepest sympathy goes out to the family at your time of loss. Dr. Baldwin was the best pediatric doctor that I ever came across. I am 46 years old and he was my doctor, my sisters doctor and many of my cousins seen him also. My daughter is 21 years old and he was also her doctor. I will cherish the picture I have of him holding her 21 years ago. He was a very caring and loving doctor that did everything he could for his patients. My mom also said that he diagnosed her thyroid problem by just hearing and listening to her years ago. There will never be another man like him. The Angels are singing right now in heaven.

Deane Baldwin was a much loved member of our medical school class. Bright, diligent and a lot of fun. He was a very caring physician & very non-threatening as he was not too much bigger than many of his "children".
Deane was a wonderful pediatrician who took excellent care of my 3 older children & my oldest son & wife regularly drove from Clarksville to Little Rock with my 2 grand-daughters to be seen by Dr Baldwin.
Our class is really dwindling, but we will all remember & love "Flea Baldwin".

My brother and I were patients of Dr. Baldwin. From the stories I remember, he may have saved my brother's life. Dr. Baldwin did a lot of work pioneering the use of allergy shots, and it is one of the reasons the two of us can breathe freely or do simple things like hug a dog.

I remember Dr. Baldwin asking me to paint the murals in his office once--I was so shy. I wish now that I had done it, but I was very self-conscious and did not want to mess up. I think he understood.

I will always remember his kindness. I read too about the requests for donations to different charities instead of flowers. I think he would have loved that.

My children were Dr. Baldwin's patients from the time of their birth until they realized they were too old to be going to a pediatrician. They are now 40 and 45. My 45 year-old daughter was small. I can't remember what age she was, but at one point Dr. Baldwin thought maybe she needed growth hormone. I looked at him and smiled and said; I'm short, you're shorter than me and we're O.K. We're not going to give my daughter growth hormone. He smiled and never said anything about it again. Both my children remember Dr. Baldwin making them stand on one foot and jump to see if they had good balance. When he was in the Doctors Building and the windows were painted blue on the outside, every time we drove by my children wanted to know if we were going to go see Dr. Baldwin. It was O.K. as long as they weren't due a shot.

My children related to him because of his stature.
He was a GREAT, KIND, CARING doctor.


I was amazed when I read the obituary in the newspaper, about his birth and how much he weighed and the care of the nurse. Dr. Baldwin was beloved in my family he was the peditrician of choice for our entire family!! He may have been short in stature, but big in compassion and heart! He will be truly missed. Our prayers to Lesile and Garrett and the entire family. May you find peace and undertanding.

I'm so sorry for your loss, I worked for Little Rock Pediattric
Clinic for 17 years and retired from there I enjoyed working with Dr, Baldwin. My thoughts and prayers are with the family.

We are in shock, having been with Deane and Judy a couple of weeks ago and seen a man so full of life and love. He was such fun and loved being with people. We are grateful for the friendship we shared and will truly miss him. Our prayers are with Judy and his children. I am sure the Lord is saying, "Well done, faithful servent." Byron and Carol Eiseman