Goldie Siu Lau

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Goldie Siu Lau was born in Honolulu, HI, on March 1, 1922 and passed away at her home in Los Angeles, CA, on January 15, 2013. She was the oldest of seven siblings. Her father was a prominent merchant both in Hawaii and China. In 1931 the family moved to China where Goldie spent much of her childhood. She returned to Hawaii in 1938 and attended Farrington High School in Honolulu where she graduated in 1941.

In September of 1941 Goldie traveled to the mainland to attend USC where she met her husband Carl C. Lau, a dental student. She graduated with a BA in Sociology along with a lifelong dedication to USC and its sports programs.

After graduation, she assisted Carl in establishing a successful dental practice in downtown Los Angeles. They had three sons, Carl, Calvin and Howard. From 1955–1957 the family lived in Germany where Carl served in the Army as a dentist and where Goldie acquired a great affection for German culture.

In 1957, while in Germany, the family's residence on Redcliff Street in Los Angeles was custom built for them. Goldie spent the rest of her life in that house which she furnished mainly with Chinese and German art objects reflecting her tastes. The Steinway piano in the living room was brought back from Germany; it was her most cherished acquisition.

She raised her three sons and instilled in them (or at least valiantly tried to) the values of healthy eating, tidiness, respect, hard work, education and a strong aversion to any sort of waste.

Goldie was always the "go-to" relative in terms of providing lodging and support to any relatives in need. Among the extended family she had a "tough love" reputation. Relatives would send their children to live with her so that she could straighten them out. All the daughters-in-law thought they fit in that category - but eventually saw that they were just part of the immediate family. She was excessively generous to family members and friends. She liked to buy things (that were on sale) for her children and grandchildren.

Through the years Goldie and her husband traveled and cruised extensively to Russia, China, Africa, South America and Australia.

Goldie was active into her 80's maintaining the house, hosting relatives, playing bridge and mahjong, participating in the Optimist Club and other social organizations. She enjoyed fishing in Palmdale and attending USC sporting events with her husband.

She maintained her keen eyesight and powers of observation throughout her entire life. She was able to notice tiny specks of dust in remote locations, as well as if someone was wearing different clothes from the last time she had seen them.

Mrs. Goldie Siu Lau is survived by husband Carl C.; sister Shin Ying Chun; sons Carl S., Calvin and Howard (Sharon); former daughters-in-law Kimiko and Lucina; and granddaughters Chuen-Yen, Jin-Wah, Stephanie and Julie.