Jasen L. Spaccarotelli

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“Jasen, come see me next Monday at Angel's! Pun intended!!!!! xoxox ”
1 of 85 | Posted by: Patricia Ross - Haddon Township, NJ

“Happy birthday Jay- still thinking of you amd missing you. Keep an eye on Ma- she misses you more than ever! love you- Trish ”
2 of 85 | Posted by: Trish Ross - Haddon Township, NJ

“I forgot to sign your Birthday note!! Love You, Mom ”
3 of 85 | Posted by: lynda - !, MI - Mom

“Hi Son, I just wanted to tell you Happy Birthday!! Oh.... son I can not put into words the pain I still have missing you every day! I come to see...Read More »
4 of 85 | Posted by: Lynda - Roseville, MI - Mom

“Hi my brother- miss you and thinking of you always. I know you are here where we moved- i hear you!!!!!! And the dimes???? is that you? Anyway we...Read More »
5 of 85 | Posted by: Trish Ross - Haddon Township, NJ

“Dear Jasen, its already 4 years today, i cant believe where the time went. Coming to see you today- always in my heart- always miss you. I miss you...Read More »
6 of 85 | Posted by: Lynda Spaccarotelli - Roseville, MI

“Hi Jay- listen, i know you are here in this new house we moved into- i havent seen you but i know you are here! Merry Christmas and we miss you and...Read More »
7 of 85 | Posted by: Patricia ross - haddon township, NJ

“Jasen, another Christmas I am missing you! I know you are with grandma and granpa. I love and miss you every day! My meatball, my baby-I love you...Read More »
8 of 85 | Posted by: Lynda Spaccarotelli - Roseville, MI

“Antonio is wearing your shoes!!!!! He is getting so big- we miss you every day! love you xo ”
9 of 85 | Posted by: Trish Ross - Haddon Township, NJ

“To my lovely son that I miss each and every day. Happy Easter, it is never the same without you. I hope your with the angels with your Grandmother...Read More »
10 of 85 | Posted by: Linda Spaccarotelli - Roseville, MI

“Hi Jay- Happy Birthday on Saturday. We miss you. Hope you and grandma and grandpa spent your birthday together. we love you and think about you all...Read More »
11 of 85 | Posted by: Trish Ross - Haddon Township, NJ

“Hi Jay- Its your birthday this month- put a pic of you and Talia Marie on my FB in memory of you- miss you xox ”
12 of 85 | Posted by: Trish Ross - Haddon Township, NJ

“Jasen- it hardly seems you have been gone 3 years already- feels like your just in another state living your life. I know your not here but feels...Read More »
13 of 85 | Posted by: Trish Ross - Haddon township, NJ

“To My Dearest Jasen, I can hardly believe that you've already been gone for three years, and yet it seems like was just yesterday. I know...Read More »
14 of 85 | Posted by: Lynda Spaccarotelli - Roseville, MI

15 of 85 | Posted by: Giovanni Palazzolo - MI

“Jasen, For everything there is an appointed season, And a time for everything under heaven- A time for sharing, a time for caring. A time for loving...Read More »
16 of 85 | Posted by: Stan & Darlen - Rochester Hills, MI

“My son Jay, May your star shine upon you on Christmas night. No words I write could even say how sad and empty I feel today, the angels came for...Read More »
17 of 85 | Posted by: Stanley Matala - Rocherster Hills, MI

“hi uncle jj i miss u. well i wish u would come visit me, my mom, talia, and my dad. that would make me and my dad happy. he always crys and it would...Read More »
18 of 85 | Posted by: antonio spaccarotelli - NJ

“Love you and miss you, my favorite uncle! Wish you were here! Thinking of you,xoxoxo. Love,your favorite niece,Talia. ”
19 of 85 | Posted by: Talia Spaccarotelli - NJ - niece

“Thinking of you this time of year and always! Miss you every day. Hope your watching over me Jay and pray I get healthy. Xoxo ”
20 of 85 | Posted by: Trish - Haddon township, NJ

“Merry Christmas Son, There is not a day that goes by that I don't miss you!! You were and always will be MY MEATBALL. I have placed your grave...Read More »
21 of 85 | Posted by: Linda Spaccarotelli - Roseville, MI

“Merry Christmas Jasen, We think of you often and we know that you are watching over all of us!! The day God called you home he took a very special...Read More »
22 of 85 | Posted by: Diane Felcyn - Rockford, IL

“we are thinking of you ”
23 of 85 | Posted by: trish ross - sister in law

“Jay I remember all the great times we had together wont ever forget that meatball miss you cuz ”
24 of 85 | Posted by: Giovanni

“Words seem inadequate to express the sadness we feel about your loss. We are here to support you in your grieving process. Thru this journey as you...Read More »
25 of 85 | Posted by: Jesse, Beverly, Marci and family

“I will always remember when we had are good times when we were little we got in trouble, but yet we had fun I will always miss, him he will forever...Read More »
26 of 85 | Posted by: diane spearman{spaccarotella}

“You will always be missed forever and always Jasen Spaccearotlli We Love You ”
27 of 85 | Posted by: Melina Murphy and Diane Spearman & Family

“Dear Uncle JayJay, I love my Uncle JayJay. He was a good Uncle. He got me everything I wanted, he was so cool. I loved him so much he was my...Read More »
28 of 85 | Posted by: Antonio Spaccarotelli - tnn

29 of 85 | Posted by: sonia spaccarotella roseville mi

“well sweetheart i just made it through my first real holiday without you last year you spent it with my family and i was unable to be here with you...Read More »
30 of 85 | Posted by: tonya - gainesboro,tn

“My Meatball today Feb.23rd would of been your 34th birthday. I love and remember the baby boy you were. Your life was short but,you gave us so much...Read More »
31 of 85 | Posted by: Linda Spaccarotelli

“I love you Jasen my little leapchen you gave me 32 years of happeness hear on earth.It must have been a rainy day when you were born;because the...Read More »
32 of 85 | Posted by: Lynda Spaccarotelli - michigan

“Hey Jay, we missed you on your birthday Tuesday-kids still talk about you every day like you are still here-wish you were-love you-Trish ”
33 of 85 | Posted by: Trish Ross - Cookeville Tn

“I didn't sign your guestbook on your birthday but we definitely celebrated you on the 23rd. I'm sure you know whats going on over here. We miss you...Read More »
34 of 85 | Posted by: Trish

“Thinking of you today buddy. We miss you every day. 2 years today I cant believe it. You and Marissa share this day now and we will celebrate her...Read More »
35 of 85 | Posted by: Trish

“Dear Jasen, Even though we never met you, we feel like we know you through your Mother. Linda is a wonderful person and loved you very much, we were...Read More »
36 of 85 | Posted by: Lisa and Darlene Matala

“Hes in a better place right now all the paine is gone hes now at rest; we have to cry to mourn our loss,before we get relief. If we could bring you...Read More »
37 of 85 | Posted by: Lucia Guernsey

“We loved you Jasen. You'll be missed. Deepest sympathy to all the family. Your in Gods hands now and at peace. ”
38 of 85 | Posted by: Antoinette Lunetta & Family

“GOD'S LENT CHILD I'll lend you, for a little time a child of mine, God said. For you to love the while he lives and mourn for when he's dead. ...Read More »
39 of 85 | Posted by: Anastasia Salverson Roseville, MI

“My heart is heavy with your loss. Jason and I had a lot of fun together and a few not so fun. I will miss your (meatball) very much but I know as you...Read More »
40 of 85 | Posted by: James Stauch - Chicago,Illinois

“Jay u will always be in my heart!!!!!! ”
41 of 85 | Posted by: Delilah Affleck

“Today is the anniversary, you have been gone a year already. this has been a hard year for all of us and believe me when i say you are missed. today...Read More »
42 of 85 | Posted by: Trish Ross - Cookeville, TN

“Hello Jasen, I want to let you know that you are missed by me and many others. Things have not been the same since you left us. Your memory is alive...Read More »
43 of 85 | Posted by: Nelly - 27742 east wick warren mi

“I love my special meatball your forever in my heart miss you and your bro misses you very much watch over all of us with love your mother and family!...Read More »
44 of 85 | Posted by: mother - 25200 dale roseville mi

“I am thinking of you with joy and pleasure,remembering times Ill always treasure. When I think of you my heart is light,you were a special person and...Read More »
45 of 85 | Posted by: Lucia Guernsey

“Jasen was a very special young man whom I will remember forever. The one very special memory will be the night that Jimmy and him took Linda and I...Read More »
46 of 85 | Posted by: Diane Felcyn - Sycamore, Illinois

“Memories of my friendship with jasen will last forever, in my heart and soul! We had are up and downs as all do but i truly will never forget the...Read More »
47 of 85 | Posted by: James Stauch - Chicago Il.

“Dear Uncle JayJay, You always wanted the best for me, and I know it. You were always nice to me and ALWAYS got me everything I asked for. I loved...Read More »
48 of 85 | Posted by: talia spaccarotelli - tnn

“Jasen was my best friend,my partner in life.He was my everything,the love of my life.I never believed in soul mates,until I met him,and that's when i...Read More »
49 of 85 | Posted by: Tonya west

“To my beloved son Jason, who was my meatball. Youve been gone almost 1 year this January. Its been the hardest whole year of my life. I truly miss...Read More »
50 of 85 | Posted by: Mom

“My Dear sweet Jasen, I put your grave blanket on as I do every winter since you have been gone....Oh how I miss your smiling face and your laughter.....Read More »
51 of 85 | Posted by: Linda spaccarotelli

“happy birthday ma xxoo!!!!! ”
52 of 85 | Posted by: Lucia Guernsey

“hey jasen it the 4 of jan 2012 miss you and your calls well never forget you !! love your cousin luc ”
53 of 85 | Posted by: Lucia Guernsey

“My heart and prayers go out to you Linda. May the angels keep you and your family embraced within their wings to give comfort and peace. He was a...Read More »
54 of 85 | Posted by: Stella Bellante Fraser, MI 48026

“Me and Jasen had so many memory played hide and seek in the dark,Jasen,Colby,Sydney,and Me.HAHA!!!!Then,when he frist came down here we played base...Read More »
55 of 85 | Posted by: Shelby Kane - Celina,TN

“T ”
56 of 85 | Posted by: sonia spaccarotella roseville,mi

“jasen you a a great fiend you will be missed tremendously .weve had good bad and ugly times but we alwys maeit through thick and thin i will...Read More »
57 of 85 | Posted by: ryan mitchell - roseville,michiga

“We are very sorry for your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time. We love ya. Love, Mike,...Read More »
58 of 85 | Posted by: Mike, Anastasia and Cody Salverson

“Jay you were like a brother to me along with Carlo I will hold in my heart all the good times we had growing up. You will be greatly missed your...Read More »
59 of 85 | Posted by: Giovanni Palazzolo Shelby Twp MI

“Hey Bro, We were friends months before I even met your brother. I'm blessed with Talia Marie and Antonio Giacomo thanks to you! We worked together...Read More »
60 of 85 | Posted by: Trish Ross - Tnn

“hi my sweetheart its been months now and my feelings for you have not even begun to change you were and will always be the love of my life i feel...Read More »
61 of 85 | Posted by: tonya lynn - Gainesboro,TN

“My Meatball today Feb.23rd would of been your 34th birthday.I love and remember the baby boy you were.Your life was short but, you gave us so much...Read More »
62 of 85 | Posted by: Linda Spaccarotelli

“Happy 35th birthday celebrate with the angles now, miss you my cousin always in my heart luc 2012!!!! ”
63 of 85 | Posted by: Lucia Guernsey

“i loved my uncle jaja he was a good uncle and i love him he visited us sometimes i hope u rest in peace and i want u to visit us 1 more time xoxoxo ”
64 of 85 | Posted by: antonio

“My thoughts and prayers are with you Linda and your mother. I will miss your meatball tremendously. ”
65 of 85 | Posted by: Connie Blaul

“Jasen was a long time friend who I will truly and dearly miss. He had the ability to always make me laugh whether it be something he said on...Read More »
66 of 85 | Posted by: Tony M. - Roseville MI

“Jay was a dear friend who could always make everyone laugh. He was always full of energy and good spirits. There are so many things that we could say...Read More »
67 of 85 | Posted by: Ken and Christie Bush

“The last entry I just sent for Jason was to be public. I did not choose private but it said it was private. Please post on guestbook. Thank you, Trish ”
68 of 85 | Posted by: Trish

“Merry Christmas Jason!! We think about you all the time and still miss you so very much. My heart is still heavy when I think about how short your...Read More »
69 of 85 | Posted by: Diane Felcyn

“Our family is truly sorry for your loss. We will always remember Jasen as a very outgoing, and creative young man! He will be missed by so many. ...Read More »
70 of 85 | Posted by: Andy Richards & family - Mesa, AZ

“I would like to express my condolences to the entire family. I loved Jasen, we were close for many years. You will never be forgotten.. you will be...Read More »
71 of 85 | Posted by: Staci Ross - Ventnor, NJ

“Hey brown eyes Happy Birthday, you took a piece of my heart with you. I'll treasure your memories always and cherish what we had forever. You had a...Read More »
72 of 85 | Posted by: Rachel

“Happy birthday meatball!!!!!!! were ever you are roses are red violets are blue I'll always remember you, lov your cousin luc.......... ”
73 of 85 | Posted by: Lucia Guernsey - michigan

“My son Jasen today you've been gone for one year. Not one minute goes by that I don't cry for you. You are truly missed by everyone who loved you so...Read More »
74 of 85 | Posted by: Linda Spaccarotelli

“Hi Jasen, I was sitting here thinking about you and I needed to let you know that you are not forgotten. You are thought about and missed everyday!!...Read More »
75 of 85 | Posted by: Diane Felcyn

“Hi jay Im righting for your mom she misses you very much it 2012 july25 all my love is with you I hope you know how i come and visit you every day,...Read More »
76 of 85 | Posted by: Lucia Guernsey

“I only have a picture now a frozen piece of time,when you were here and mine I see your smiling eyes each morning when i wake i talk to you and place...Read More »
77 of 85 | Posted by: Lucia Guernsey

“Take care of me tomorrow Jay, xoxox miss you ”
78 of 85 | Posted by: Trish

“To My dearest son jasen whom i love and miss very very much, and its been 2 years that you have been gone from your family and you are truley missed...Read More »
79 of 85 | Posted by: Lucia Guernsey

“MY FIRST CHRISTMAS IN HEAVEN I see the countless Christmas trees around the world below With tiny lights like Heaven's stars reflecting on the snow....Read More »
80 of 85 | Posted by: Mom - 25200 Dale Roseville MI

“He onley takes the best.A heart of gold stopped beating.Two shining eyes at rest. god broke our hearts to prove to us he onley takes the best. Little...Read More »
81 of 85 | Posted by: Lucia Guernsey

“I will always remember the little boy in church and all his animals he'd anxiously wanted to show the neighborhood, including my daughterwho wanted...Read More »
82 of 85 | Posted by: Elaine and Ronald Frank

“First of all I'm sorry that our friend Jasen had to pass so soon. I can't imagine what his family is going through. Jasen was a good friend of mine...Read More »
83 of 85 | Posted by: Dave G. - Roseville Mi.

“First of all I'm sorry Jasen had to go so soon. I just want to send my prayers out to his family. Jasen and I were good friends growing up. We had a...Read More »
84 of 85 | Posted by: Dave G. - Roseville Mi.

“jasen was funny!we will miss him very much! he always called me thunder thies and a goofball! i will miss jasen because i would always pick on him! i...Read More »
85 of 85 | Posted by: sydney west

Jasen Lee Spaccarotelli, age 32 of Tennessee, died Monday, January 04, 2010 in Cookeville. Jasen was born February 23, 1977 in Detroit, Michigan the son of Leone Spaccarotelli and Linda (nee: Funari) Spaccarotelli.
Jasen was affectionately called Meatball and Liebschien by his mother who raised her son in Roseville. Jasen attended St. Barnabas Catholic School until the 8th grade and went on to attend Roseville High School. After his schooling Jasen worked as a chef in the restaurant industry. Jason loved to cook for all and also eat what he created. When Jasen was not working he enjoyed the outdoors and fishing. After moving to Tennessee he told his mother he loved the climate and the terrain. Jasen was a very happy go lucky person and anyone who ever met him immediately found a new friend. Also Jason was very close to his grandparents and would worry about their welfare as well as the rest of his family members. He loved to surround himself with his family, niece and nephew, and good food.
Jason is survived by his loving parents, Leone (Cathy) Spaccarotelli, and Linda Spaccarotelli (Michael Ferdig). He was the cherished fianc of Tonya, and the beloved grandson of Frieda Licata. Further surviving are his siblings, Carlo (Trisha) Spaccarotelli, Anthony Corrado, Angelo Spaccarotelli, and Daniella Spaccarotelli. He is the dearest uncle of Talia, and Antonio. Jasen is also survived by many loving relatives and friends.
Visitation for Jasen will be Sunday from 2-9 pm at the D.S. Temrowski & Sons Funeral Home, 30009 Hoover Road at Common (12 mile). Funeral Services will be held at the funeral home on Monday at 10:30 am. Officiating the funeral services will be Rev. Fr. Robert Schuster. Interment will take place in Sacred Heart Cemetery in Roseville. Memorial donations appreciated to the Spaccarotelli family. Please share memories of Jasen at his guest book.