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Message from the Family

Ox has certainly made so many great memories with me, and reminiscing and sharing will help continue his mission of love and happiness for everyone he met. Please share your stories, memories, or anything else to continue Ox's life mission.

Memories & Candles

“He was a great dog! My sister Heather liked him. ”
1 of 30 | Posted by: Douglas Walrath - Ithaca, NY

How Ox loved the fire...he would even sit in the cat's bed to enjoy it. “Ox would beg for a fire...just sit in front of the fireplace, as if to say "hey, last night it was really warm here...why is it not warm now? He...Read More »
2 of 30 | Posted by: David Syracuse - Homer, NY

“We are so sorry to hear about Ox. When we first started bringing Schnitzel to daycare, we were thrilled to see another boxer there. Ox was so calm...Read More »
3 of 30 | Posted by: Schnitzel's Parents

“Ox was such a wonderful dog with an amazing personality. Just one look at that adorable boxer face and your day could be instantly improved. Working...Read More »
4 of 30 | Posted by: Rachel - Ithaca, NY

“Ox, you are missed ol' boy. Ox was one of the first dogs I got to hang out with on Thursdays and he was always in the hallway waiting for hugs and...Read More »
5 of 30 | Posted by: Maddie

“My first day working at No Barks About It was a Thursday and that's when I first met Ox. I immediately took to him as I have a soft spot for boxers,...Read More »
6 of 30 | Posted by: Jessica Rich - Ithaca, NY

“We did not have the pleasure of knowing Ox for very long but because of Ox we gained so much. It all started at puppy park. Our dogs played but as...Read More »
7 of 30 | Posted by: Cheri Magin/Ann Dell

“Ox was a cool dog, the only dog that i ever knew that sang! Gonna miss him in science class ”
8 of 30 | Posted by: Kaylee

“I grieve for your loss. They give so much to us and bring such joy. Not sure Ox showed up much on Finn's report card, but that doesn't lessen my...Read More »
9 of 30 | Posted by: Laurie Worrall - Ithaca, NY

“Ox was always listed on our dog Tashi's No Bark's report cards as one of his favorite playmates. We are so sorry to learn of his passing and...Read More »
10 of 30 | Posted by: Tashi and Ziggy's Moms - Ithaca, NY

“So sorry for your loss. It was clear that was Ox was loved and cherished. You will meet him again at the rainbow bridge :-) ”
11 of 30 | Posted by: Amanda - Ithaca, NY

“Hudson is a "No Barks About It" gal on Tuesdays, so I don't think we've had the pleasure of meeting Ox. Just stopping by to say that I'm sorry for...Read More »
12 of 30 | Posted by: Karen & Hudson

“To Ox which I truly loved As a friend and as a dog to Ox. I will miss you forever and ever. But i will never give up on you I will seek you in...Read More »
13 of 30 | Posted by: Mercedes Alridge - Ithaca, NY

Just Broing out “Dear my dearest friends and family of Ox,Though I did not Ox for an extended period of time, the small portion he was in my life for was an immensely...Read More »
14 of 30 | Posted by: Pete Dohan - Cortland, NY

“Sometimes Ox would occompany Mr.Syracuse to school. He would greet the students as we came in the door with snorts and his cute "pet me" looks....Read More »
15 of 30 | Posted by: Tyler DeHaan - Dryden, NY

“Ox was the goofiest dog in daycare, he was always galloping around impressing the ladies or finding a nice wall to scratch his back on. He was the...Read More »
16 of 30 | Posted by: Melissa G.

“I had the privilege of dog sitting ox when they loved in Conklin for a short time he was such a great friend. So sorry for your loss. ”
17 of 30 | Posted by: Susan Roberts

Nothing unites like a sunbeam. “Ox would spend hours in a sunbeam, or until he got hot enough to start panting. Cheeto joined him on this occasion. If more people shared a sunbeam...Read More »
18 of 30 | Posted by: David Syracuse - Homer, NY

"Who put me in this box?" “Ox was so very docile, you could do just about anything to him. He was called in to be the "demo dog" at school, because when the animal science...Read More »
19 of 30 | Posted by: David Syracuse - Homer, NY

Ox on the "Command Post" in the kitchen. “Ox wasn't supposed to be in the kitchen when food was being prepared, because all he would do was stand in the middle of the floor trying to trip...Read More »
20 of 30 | Posted by: David Syracuse - Homer, NY

Ox cuddling with my brother Richard. “Ox is cuddling with my brother, Richard. He loved to be close to people! He knew he shouldn't be on the furniture at my parent's house...but when he...Read More »
21 of 30 | Posted by: David Syracuse - Homer, NY

Massive cuddling “When it was cold, there was massive cuddling. Note the hat on Joe, and the presence of the cat and dog. Ox and Cheeto got along well; that is to...Read More »
22 of 30 | Posted by: David Syracuse - Homer, NY

We must have had a party, because Ox is wearing his tie. “I'm not sure if Joe fell asleep first and then Ox joined him, or if they both jumped up there for some cuddle time, but gosh he was good at the...Read More »
23 of 30 | Posted by: David Syracuse - Homer, NY

More Sunbeams. “Ox'er followed the sunbeam to the ottoman this time. ”
24 of 30 | Posted by: David Syracuse - Homer, NY

Sunbeam. “Ox followed sunbeams wherever they went. The "don't yell at me" face is because he knew that he shouldn't have been on the couch. But let's blame...Read More »
25 of 30 | Posted by: David Syracuse - Homer, NY

Ox during our demolition work on the new house. “Ox always took advantage of any comforts provided to him. Here, we made a makeshift bed for him out of cushions from the patio furniture. We hadn't...Read More »
26 of 30 | Posted by: David Syracuse - Homer, NY

One of them looks happy, and one does not... “Ox had a bed on every floor of the house. His 1st floor bed was either in a sunbeam in the summer, or near the wood stove in the winter. Although,...Read More »
27 of 30 | Posted by: David Syracuse - Homer, NY

A rare occurrence!  Ox is the big spoon! “Ox was the best spooner around, but he usually preferred to be little spoon. In this stunning example, we see that he could, if he chose to, be the...Read More »
28 of 30 | Posted by: David Syracuse - Homer, NY

Look closely at the side-view mirror...notice anything? “Through a set of rigorous, controlled experiments, it was determined that the jowels of a boxer dog will lift off at 35 mph. I was, of course, not...Read More »
29 of 30 | Posted by: David Syracuse - Homer, NY

Dave and Ox napping after dave stating that he was heading to the gym. “"Ox Box" will be missed greatly. He was a wonderful "Purppy", and always had lots of love for everyone. I'll miss the days of "schnarfing" and being...Read More »
30 of 30 | Posted by: Brianne Van Cuyck - Los Angeles, CA

Ox was a very special dog who brought happiness to many people. He had unconditional and unbiased love for every person and thing he met, and he welcomed everyone into his home and his heart with the most energetic butt-wiggle. He has touched many people with his instant "you're my best friend" personality, had made many happy memories, and still had much more to give before the complications of a brain tumor took him from this world. He led an exceptionally spoiled life, deserving every moment of it, and left this world living life to the fullest until the last minute.